About Us History 25 Years of Service
U.S. Fixture Installations Inc. began in 1985 out of the passionate carpentry work of a couple cabinet makers and trim carpenters. Now, 25 years later the same passion and love for carpentry work still exists as the company has grown and developed as a strong industry competitor in the installation carpentry business. As we have grown we have kept excellent personnel with all of our foremen working in excess of ten years with us. That is why we truly believe we are different from all other competitors because of our passion for carpentry coupled with significant talent to better serve your needs.
Our Mission
At USFI we strive to do our best on each and every job with the upmost quality to deliver a service that is specifically tailored to the clients needs. That is why at USFI, "Our Work is Our Passion." This company specific motto, truly signifies the passion that exists throughout all employees which can be evident in our work, clients, and time tested length of business.